J.J. Jeffrey, “Famous 56” WFIL Philadelphia | May, 1970

560 Philadelphia WFIL

J.J. Jeffrey at WRKO BostonDate of Recording: May, 1970 (Exact date unknown)
Station: 560 WFIL Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Featured Air Talent: J.J. Jeffrey
Aircheck Entry: 1,428


It’s a MILLION DOLLAR WEEKEND, but when you’re with me, you get it with interest!

WFIL shared similarities with New York City’s WMCA. They were right next to each other on the dial. They both started out as Top 40 stations (after the dawn of Rock & Roll), although WMCA was a few years ahead of WFIL. And interestingly enough, today both are religious stations. Okay. Some of this info I read on Wikipedia, so, I’ll give them credit for that (click HERE).

Still, when one compares WFIL and its history with other stations of that era in the Northeast, there really aren’t that many recordings available. J.J. Jeffrey was known for his work in Boston at WRKO and in Chicago at WLS. He went on to station ownership later.

560 Philadelphia WFIL


  1. Steven Green

    Nice long aircheck. Great time at WFIL.

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