Jackson Armstrong (John Larsh) & the Gorilla, 1020 KTNQ Ten-Q Los Angeles | January, 1979

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Graciously donated to airchexx by Big Apple Airchecks, here is more of the BEST of Jackson Armstrong (John Larsh). Recorded on a long cassette featuring one side with fellow Ten-Q jock Dave Conley (WOR-FM/WKOX-FM/KHJ/KFRC), this aircheck shows off Armstrong’s talent. He was the perfect guy to sit in the afternoon drive chair.

No jingles, few sweepers, just a jock, his mascot, and the music – and some of the highest ratings in Southern California! The formula worked!  Of course, this was recorded very much toward the end of 1020’s run as an english language music station.  The actual end came on July 31, 1979 when then owner, Storer, changed the sister FM station to KHTZ 97.1 and moved the Ten-Q format there.  1020 became a Spanish language music station at midnight.

Jackson ArmstrongJack Armstrong sounds every bit as good here as anywhere else he worked.  From WKBW Buffalo, to stations in the South, East, and out West, Armstrong had a legacy and he lived up to it everywhere he went!  If you were a fan of Jack Armstrong’s bits, don’t miss this!  Its another 7 minute 45 seconds of Ten-Q and Armstrong magic to add to our collection of FUN!



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Big Apple Airchecks is one of our original contributors, having donated several hundred airchecks since 2002. Matt is an aircheck collector and maintains a library of cassette tapes in the thousands. You can view most of his collection at BigAppleAirchecks.com, where he has his tapes meticulously cataloged by market and tape number. Matt trades with other collectors, so if you have something of interest, you may wish to contact him. His email address is matt@bigappleairchecks.com.

Matt lives on Long Island with his wife Marcy, their daughter, and three cats

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  1. Jeff in Sa-ra-so-ta!

    Dave Conley was one of the originals at B100 before going to 10Q

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