Ken Gilbert, 102.1 WAQY “Wacky 102” Springfield MA | Summer, 1981

102.1 Springfield MA WAQY
Ken Gilbert at Wacky 102
Ken Gilbert on “Wacky 102” circa 1981

Ken Gilbert said once that his radio career (tapes) was all in the hands of Paul DiMarco. That could be mostly possible… although we have several boxes of KG tapes right here.

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This was the Summer of 1981. “Wacky 102”, although branded at this time as “The Wack” was red hot! Listen to the amount of hard rock being played at this point. Plus, advertisements for an upcoming Ozzy Osbourne concert. In fact, there were all sorts of hard rockers appearing and ads heard on WAQY all throughout the Summer of 1981! This could possibly explain why, as the Summer drew to a close, the station changed formats from CHR to AOR. That would make a good conversation topic for our visitors.

Ken Gilbert is really FUN to listen to! KG, known to his radio friends as “Squirt” held down the midday slot on Wacky 102. He seems like the perfect personality for this time slot. Listen for the forecast from the “Weather Pig” (didn’t Jerry Kristaffer have something similar at KC-101?) and for Ken’s dry but hilarious sense of humor. And timing! Amazing!

Compare this with Ken Gilbert’s aircheck of him on 97.1 WZRT Rutland (Z97).
Today you can hear Ken Gilbert on 92.1 WVTK Middlebury, VT.


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