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WZRT Z97 TapeHere’s another from a couple of boxes given to us from Ken Gilbert himself!  This is the “Good Time Good Morning Wakeup Show” on CHR “Z97” Rutland.  A very adult sounding morning show. Gilbert is teamed up with news guy Joel Williams and sports guy Jack Healey. On side one of the tape, the news is scoped out. There is a later newscast heard (mostly) intact. Those are important for historical accuracy.

Ken Gilbert is featured elsewhere here at Airchexx, with some of the best radio heard in the New England region over the years from WAQY “Wacky 102” Springfield, MA, and WDRC AM/FM Hartford CT where he worked both the Top 40/CHR formats and Oldies formats there… in fact, it is quite possible that Ken Gilbert may have been instrumental to WDRC’s flip to Oldies, as Ken was the one who started “Jukebox Saturday Night”. All those years ago.

On this particular day, it’s New Year’s Eve, 1996 and the boys are talking about the typical NYE events… like having ‘a few’. The cold is very typical for Middle Vermont going into January, as well. This day the low is expected to drop to -5 Fahrenheit!

It costs money to build a museum. Fees here, fees there. This month is no exception. Won’t you please contribute a bit to help us with our archival efforts? Every bit counts!
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These days you can hear Ken Gilbert every afternoon on 92.1 WVTK Middlebury… which is actually pretty far north, closer to Burlington than Rutland. If you wish, after listening to him here, go check out KG on 92.1!

By Steve West

Steve West is a 41 year veteran of broadcasting. His air work as a Jock and News Anchor includes six radio markets and over two-dozen radio stations. Steve is the founder of Airchexx.com and Hitoldies.net - All the BIG Hits!

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