Magic Christian, 105.7 WVBF Framingham (Boston) | October 6, 1976

105.7 Framingham, 105.7 Boston, WVBF, Stereo 105

105.7 Framingham, 105.7 Boston, WVBF, Stereo 105

WVBF with England Carter and John Ford Cooley…

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From our newest contributor, Max Power, here’s an aircheck that’s kinda been on our bucket list for a while. Mid-1970s WVBF, when it was a Rock/Top 40 hybrid station. WVBF was in competition with WRKO and really, was the only live Top 40 station on the FM dial in Boston, at the time. When Max emailed me with airchecks attached, he said in his email,

Here’s a couple of Magic Christian Airchecks from WVBF. The sound is pretty good on these. Thanks for the website.

This is the first of several Magic Christian airchecks, and a group of nearly a dozen of WVBF. I couldn’t ask for a better collection! Thank you Max Power!


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