“WLS Salutes” – 60 Seconds Honoring a WLS Great from the Past!

Kipper Mcgee
Former WLS GM, Contributor Kipper McGee

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W L S… Saluting the people who made the Big 89 even bigger…

89 WLS from Memorial Day, 2007

The Big 89 Rewind was the brainchild of former WLS manager Kipper McGee. McGee donated the entire set of Rewind hours from 2007 and 2008. I really think that these little ‘snippets’ of WLS from it’s glory years were a fantastic way to captivate listeners who probably had no idea this was going to happen on their talk station. I mean, really… it had been nearly 20 years since WLS was a music station!

There are more of these where this came from. Watch for other “WLS Salutes” coming soon!

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