Paul Cubby Bryant, 100.3 WHTZ (Z100) Newark, NJ (New York City) | April 10, 1999

100.3 New York WHTZ Z100
Paul Cubby Bryant
Paul Cubby Bryant – 103.5 WKTU Promotional Photo

Recording Date: 04.10.1999
Station: 100.3 WHTZ New York City (Wikipedia) (Website) (Twitter) (Facebook)
Format: Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR)
Ownership: (Now) iHeartMedia, inc. / (Then) Malrite Media
Branded: Z100, New York’s #1 Hit Music Station
Featured Air Personality: Paul Cubby Bryant (WGH-FM/WHTZ/WKTU) (Wikipedia)
Contributor: Anonymous
Total Time: 5:15 (Telescoped)

Z100.. Cubby on the mic, Schroeder for the peanuts on the Piano, and Miss Grammy… Lorde Hill on vocals

Curator’s Notes:

Its been quite a while since we posted a Z100 aircheck, but nothing has really changed. Z100 is still a hot CHR station, although today the jocks speak a bit less and the music… well, there’s no rock today but that’s the state of pop music in 2018.

This is Paul Cubby Bryant, who moved across the hallway to co-owned iHeartMedia 103.5 KTU some time ago. Back in ’99, Bryant sounded great on Z100, back when there was still a healthy mix of Pop, Hip Hop and Alt-Rock in the CHR format. Perhaps our younger audience will appreciate this wide variety just before the new millenium kicked in. 1999. Who woulda thought this would be considered old? On the other hand, back in the 70s when Oldies stations started appearing, they considered anything TEN years old as an oldie.

Here’s to our Millenials!

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  1. I’m an older millennial (graduated from high school in 2000) and this is the “Music of Your Life” for my generation! I grew up in the NYC suburbs and listened to Cubby every day. Notice how he hits the post on every intro. Pretty much the last gasp of old-school Top 40 DJing.

    Minor correction: Malrite was not the owner of Z100 in 1999. Milton Maltz was long gone from radio ownership by that time. Owner in 1999 was AMFM, Inc. (predecessor to Clear Channel/iHeart before their merger with Jacor).

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