Rock Sample: 105.7 WXYV Catonsville (Baltimore) MD – Part 1 | May 18, 2003

105.7 WXYV Catonsville Baltimore WQSR
"Live 105" Baltimore

Baltimore MDDate of Recording: 05.18.2003
Station: 105.7 WXYV (WQSR)Catonsville (Baltimore), Maryland, USA
Format: FM Talk Weekdays, Active Rock Weekends
Station Slogan: “Live 105”
Featured Air Personality: None (Jockless)
Contributor: “Anonymous”
Airchexx Entry: 1,501


Split up into two parts, this 8 minute scope of the weekend Active Rock portion of the format on WXYV “Live 105” is actually rather boring. No personality, obnoxious imaging, no commercials and Grunge Alternative with no jock. You can get that on Pandora or SiriusXM (and we wonder why so many in radio today take a sour view on the industry’s future outlook) – but remember, this was 2003!

Part 2 is quite a bit more interesting. In the next post: USA Radio News, then Coast to Coast AM. George Noory is out and Barbara Simpson is the guest host for the evening. You can skip right to Part 2 by clicking HERE.

105.7 WXYV Catonsville Baltimore WQSR
“Live 105” Baltimore


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