The “Bobby Blue Demo” Tape – Bob Marini

Bob MariniContributor Bob Marini sure has a lot to contribute to the radio industry – he’s even got his own website! Bob sent in a few airchecks but I think it’s appropriate to start with this demo tape. This SOUNDS like a great aircheck of the legendary 68 WRKO Boston… but as with many things in life, all isn’t exactly as it seems.

We’ll leave it to Contributor Steve Bleecker to explain this, then be sure to listen to this most excellent of demo tapes…

“The Bobby Blue Demo.” ! Talk about a STORY…’Gotta share this with you ! When I was Growing my career at Rochester’s W A X C 1460…there was this dude named Bob Marini, from Gates, N.Y. who was, perhaps, my Biggest Fan…(rivaled only by Explorer Scout Bruce Galloway)! Bob was in Constant contact with me, and, he had an Amazing Professional Broadcast Voice ! He let his intentions “be Known” to me…”Bleek, I wanna’ do what YOU do !”, he would say…so, I knew, and I could FEEL his “Urgent Desire to “Do what I do”…SO…on one very snowy and COLD weekend evening…Bob and I “snuck away” to “cut” HIS VERY OWN DEMO. TAPE…We went first to WAXC, to get some “records” that we could use on this Demo., AND, Luckily, I had original MASTERS of 68/RKO Jingles…a “No Brainer”…His Voice…Those Jingles…and the music…with a “little” coaching & copy-writing from ME…and Bobby Blue was “Born” !!
As I recall…within one week, he got “thew Call” he had been waiting for ! A Merv Griffin Station in Scranton, Pa. was Urgently Requesting , “How soon can you get here?” I was SO Proud…and Still am ! He’s sailed to Incredible Heights … Broadcast/Production/Voice-overs …see Bob is NOW among the MAJOR Movers and Shakers in the “Biz” , not only in Rochester…But Nationally ! Touche, Bobby Blue !!


  1. Bob Marini

    Hi everyone!! The website is being updated as we speak and will be up soon ! Thanks to Steve Bleecker for all his help on bringing me to this awesome website!!! BM

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