VM Demo Tape | 1961

VM Demo Tape | 1961

VM Tape Company
VM Tape Company Ad, 1961
Date of Recording: Unknown
Station: N/A
Featured Air Personality: None
Contributor: Ray Bozzanca


Contributor Ray Bozzanca sent in something that, while not an ‘aircheck’, probably has some historic significance.
The VM website (listed below) states: ““A V-M Product” and “The Voice of Music” are the brand names of quality audio products (record players, tape recorders, tube and solid state amplifiers, consoles) manufactured from 1944 until 1977 by the V-M Corporation of Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA”

Well, that gives us some insight. Meanwhile, Bozzanca writes:

I found a site on the company that made my first reel to reel tape recorder, a VM voice of music. But in talking about old browsers being able to work, they have something at the bottom of the web page about java and or clicking on a link for older browsers to work. Check it out.Your audience may not be worth it to correct or use but it gives insight!


VM Demo Tape Box - Back Side

I actually have a demo tape that I kept that came with the tape recorder from 1961 that VM made. Hehehhe about 14 minutes, maybe I encode it for you to hear for kicks!
The recorder is long gone in the waste or trash!

I found it an interesting piece of history. Perhaps someone else out there remembers VM “The Voice Of Music” Reel-to-Reel tape company.


  1. Tom

    I had the recorder and tape until about 3 years ago. Gave it away. It was in fine working condition as I had replaced belts and tapeheads.

  2. Jerry Garis

    I have the same Demo tape from my deceased father. Mine doesn’t seem as compressed as this one and also I removed some of the noise w/ Adobe Premier and it is just awsome. I still have the tape and box. I think when I transfered it to the computer over 10 years ago, it got overdrivien on the peaks a tad, like the thunder.

    I have a R-R recorder (Teac) one channel is bad that I need to repair. Untill then I do not want to try re-transfering it as with most my dad’s R-R tapes there was a brown pile of oxide on the recorder below the head after playing them. I do not want to deminish the quality any further.

    If anybody wants a copy (don’t know if I can do this legally though (copy rights) I have an MP3 version 20 Mb if you can receive E-mails that large (no charge).
    Agian if this is illegal someone please let me know as I am a law abiding citizen and actually purchase my music that I enjoy. There may be royalties / copy rights even though this came out the year I was born (1961)

    • Weston Harris

      Hi. Do you still have a file of that Voice of Music tape recorder demo? My Dad had one of those tapes and it was very nice – want to get a copy again.


      Los Angeles

  3. Douglas Tews

    Oh, my gosh!! I not only remember the recorder, but the tape too!! My grandfather bought one of these (though I think it may have been a couple years older, about 1959). The recorder expired decades ago, but I still have the tape in storage. In just a few weeks I was planning on returning home and one of my projects was to load this very tape into my computer! I don’t know about the tapes others have referred to, but mine has a special challenge. The recorder was so primitive, stacked stereo heads were not yet available. Instead it had “staggered heads” spaced about 1 inch apart; one for each channel. As a result, when played back on a modern machine, the sound tracks are out of sync. However, with the computer, I’ll be able to shift one of the tracks and get them time aligned.
    In the early sixties I was about 12 years old and already a tech-head. This machine was my first experience in setting up a stereo system…and I was thunderstruck with the resulting effect. Monaural audio would never do again! Great memories!

  4. Kent

    I had a VOICE OF MUSIC reel to reel tape recorder back in the early 1970’s.
    My Dad won it for selling the most gas water heaters/gas furnaces & appliances where he worked for 20 years.
    Still have it only it don’t work.

    My mother also owned a 1946 WILCOX/GAY 12″ transcription Recordio recording console.
    Look one of those up on Google.

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