1991 K-Earth 101 Station Composite / 101.1 KRTH Los Angeles

101.1 FM Los Angeles KRTH K-Earth 101 KHJ-FM Jonathan Steve Scott Brian Bierne Mr. Rock and Roll Pat Evans Ronert W Morgan The Real Don Steele Huggy Boy

Contributor Nancy Plum


From former K-Earth 101 on air personality Nancy Plum, here’s a 10-minute station composite that was professionally produced by KRTH. The narrator is Charlie Van Dyke. Van Dyke was also a former staffer and he was the longtime station imaging voice. Often, major market stations would create these composites to use as sales demos for potential advertisers.


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Charlie Van Dyke KHJ Promotional

Much of the Oldies format at K-Earth 101 from the mid 1980s through the end of the 1990s was centered around the personalities and formatics used at the K-Earth 101’s former sister station, 93/KHJ. It even referred to some of the on air staff as former KHJ “Boss Jocks”.


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You’ll hear some great talent on this… including the legendary, late, “Mr. Rock & Roll” Brian Bierne, and some other “Boss Jocks” from 1970s KHJ including Charlie Van Dyke himself. This is a real gem, and the cassette tape it arrived on was in outstanding condition, for being nearly 30 years old!


This tape arrived in a box from the trusty U.S. Postal Service some weeks ago, along with over a dozen others. This is a TDK AR-X60 brand cassette, one of those normal bias, high EQ tapes that actually were of very good quality in the late 1980s & early 1990s. These were probably as good a quality as cassette tape technology got, along with the ‘chrome’ tapes. The oxide coating on these, from experience over the years, tends to not erode over time.

The audio quality here is outstanding. It was most likely mastered to reel in the KRTH production room and then copied to several cassettes for distribution to the station’s sales reps. I’m very impressed with how well this held up. It will be VERY enjoyable listening!


Nancy Plum is a longtime veteran of Los Angeles radio, having worked at some of the major stations in Southern California including KTNQ Ten-Q, 710 KMPC and K-Earth 101. She has a voiceover career that spans many decades.

Nancy Plum is the author of a new book about her experiences in radio called, “Do Not Air”.  It’s available at Amazon.com and likely many other places as well.  I’m sure its fun reading about the radio industry back when it was live, local, personal and a whole lot of FUN!

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