Salute to American Radio, BBC Radio 1 London | July 4 1976

In the mid 1960s, there was nowhere easy for British youngsters to listen to rock ‘n’ rollers like The Beatles, The Who and The Rolling Stones. Commercial radio wasn’t yet an option, and the guardians of the publicly-owned British Broadcasting Corporation considered […]

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The Real Don Steele, 101.1 KRTH Los Angeles | August, 1993

Station: 101.1 KRTH (KHJ-FM) Los Angeles (Wikipedia) (Website) Format: Oldies Branded: “K-Earth 101“; “Southern California’s Greatest Hits” Featured Air Personality: The Real Don Steele (Donald Steele Revert; April 1, 1936 – August 5, 1997) (KBUC/KEPR/KIMA/KXLY/KOIL/KISN/KEWB/KHJ/KHJ-TV/KIQQ/KRLA/KCBS-FM/KRTH) (Wikipedia) Contributor: Robyn Watts Total Time: 9:44 Aircheck […]

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The Real Don Steele, KRTH K-Earth 101 Los Angeles | Date unknown

Date of Recording: Early 1990s (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 101.1 KRTH Los Angeles, California, USA Featured Air Talent: The Real Don Steele (04.01.1936 – 08.05.1997) (KBUC, KEPR, KIMA, KXLY, KOIL, KISN, KEWB, KHJ, KIQQ, KTNQ, KRLA, KODJ, KCBS-FM, KRTH) Contributor: Robyn Watts […]

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Charlie Tuna, 101.1 KRTH Los Angeles | February 9, 2008

Date of Recording: 02.09.2008 Station: 101.1 KRTH Los Angeles, California Featured Air Talent: Charlie Tuna (08.14.1944 – 02.19.2016) (KGFW, KELO, KOMA, WMEX, KHJ, KROQ, KKDJ/KIIS, KTNQ, KRLA, KODJ, KMPC, KIKF, KLAC, Your Oldies Magazine, Back to the 70s) Contributor: Daniel Coulombe (CKTS, […]

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Dan Ingram, 101.1 KRTH Los Angeles | June 24, 1998 – Part 2

First off, big thanks to Big Apple Airchecks for another blockbuster aircheck donation! Matt’s been with us since the beginning and a simple thanks, oftentimes, is simply not enough. So visit his site! Here’s part two of Dan Ingram’s ‘tryout’. While the […]

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Dan Ingram, 101.1 KRTH Los Angeles | June 24, 1998 – Part 1

East meets West! Or, to put it a different way, try to imagine yourself in 1970-something, listening to Dan Ingram on 93/KHJ. Big Dan delivered a one liner better than Robert W. Morgan! This proves something else. RKO General’s quick into and […]

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Johnny Hayes, 101.1 KRTH Los Angeles “K-Earth 101” | September 17, 2001

Right in the shadow of 9/11, patriotism is at a 50 year high and Johnny Hayes starts out with comments about flags and buying American in two breaks in a row. One could hardly blame him, most of us felt the same […]

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Frazier Smith’s Wake-Up Call with Jim & Joni, KRTH K-Earth 101 Los Angeles | March, 2002

Good radio seems to be rare here in the 21st century, but there are those moments of greatness that need to be pointed out. From March, 2002, we bring you this excerpt from the Frazier Smith morning show on K-Earth 101. Now, […]

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“Huggy Boy” (Dick Hugg), 1st Show, KRTH Los Angeles | December 4, 1998

The late Dick Hugg, better known to his listeners as “Huggy Boy”, is captured here at the start of his first show on the legendary K-Earth 101! Hugg was known not only as an early and heavy influence in promoting Do-Wop music, […]

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Jay Coffey, KRTH K-Earth 101 Los Angeles

Alright, one more Jeffrey James submission from the legendary K-Earth 101. This one runs six minutes… would run about 2 if I cut everything out of it. From 1992, date unknown.

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