72 Hours of Radio – From the Naugatuck Valley Region of Connecticut | March 12, 2019 – Part 1

107.9 Bridgeport 600 Bridgeport WEBE WEBE-HD2 WICC

107.9 Bridgeport 600 Bridgeport WEBE WEBE-HD2 WICCOne of your founder’s hobbies is scanning the FM band looking for “DX”. This particular day, the band was a dud. And, the entire recording was a mistake! The intent was to get as much audio of WPLJ New York as possible because the news of it’s sale to Educational Media Foundation was fresh and I thought it important to record for posterity. Unfortunately, WPLJ wasn’t coming in very well despite my best efforts at pointing my FM beam in the right direction.

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What I ended up getting was a ton of WICC 600 out of Bridgeport. I was flipping through the FM dial using my Sony HD receiver, found WICC, put it on in the background and went on about playing on Facebook. I forgot that this was still recording. I thought I’d hit the STOP button in Adobe Audition. Come to find out, it kept recording. For 72 hours! I got busy with life and totally forgot about it!

The lucky part was, even with 12 gigs of ram on this PC, it still slows down and I thought surely that this recording would never mix down to a file. It did. It took Audition two painstakingly slow hours to render to mp3, especially when I use the highest quality. What you will hear is the first hour of the recording. I did scope out periods of silence (where I had turned the radio off) and full songs. This will post in MANY parts, and not all on the same day. It’s somewhat labor-intensive to go through 72 hours of recording to pull out anything relevant to our listeners.

I hope you enjoy!

Steve West
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