93/KHJ Los Angeles: Sneak Preview | April 27-29, 1965

930 Los Angeles, KHJ, KKHJ, KRTH, Don Lee, Robert W. Morgan, The Real Don Steele, Charlie Van Dyke, Roger Christian, Gary Mack, Boss Radio, 93/KHJ

Here’s the one aircheck which documents the beginning of a legend. 93 KHJ. A station whose format, conceived and implemented by consultant Bill Drake, began a revolution in the way top 40 radio was presented.

While other segments of this broadcast are available in other places on the web, we have not only the audio from legends like Dave Diamond, Robert W. Morgan and The Real Don Steele, but we also are featuring a few minutes of KHJ’s previous format leading into this ‘Sneak Preview’, and a portion of the “Million Dollar Battle” – a program featuring the hits from 1950 right up to the date of the start of ‘Boss Radio’ played one year at a time. This was a program which tied together the old format with the new… and Boss Radio, 93/KHJ actually began at this program’s conclusion.

So, we have the whole enchilada this week… tell your friends – listen right here, right now!