Ron Lundy, 77 WABC New York | October 31, 1965

The Ron Lundy show actually starts off with Cousin Brucie doing a few breaks. As our Contributor notes, Lundy was running a bit late this date. Contributor Bob Jones writes: …a rarity with the Cuz having to work Lundy’s shift because he […]

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Cousin Bruce Morrow, 77 WABC New York | June, 1965

… maybe it’ll be YOUR name on our big station this coming week! Wouldn’t that be nice? Audio Player below notes  Curator’s Notes: I think one of the best things about doing this website all these years is being able to go […]

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Cavalcade of Hits – The “Pre-Boss Radio” KHJ Los Angeles | 1965

Among the many tapes laying around the airchexx studio is one Fuji DR 90 cassette, most of which has already been posted. On side 1, the first 30 minutes or so is a soon to be posted aircheck of Steve Jay on […]

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Ron Landry, 1360 WDRC Hartford | June 18, 1965

What New England radio stations come to mind when you think back to the 1960s? Certainly, anyone within the signal contour of New York’s WABC remember, but the big stations in Connecticut and Massachusetts doing Top 40 radio included Boston’s 1510 WMEX, […]

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Tony “The Tiger” Taylor, 79 WQXI Atlanta | April 1, 1965

…You’ve got a tiger in your tank! Now, just added to the world’s LARGEST collection of WQXI airchecks, this fabulous 30 minutes scoped recording of Tony ‘the tiger’ on Quicksie in Dixie and those wonderful PAMS jingles! This comes to us from […]

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Dick Biondi, KRLA Los Angeles | June 14, 1965

“…First in Music, First in Fun!” Dick Biondi (WBBM-FM, WLS, others) is captured for all time on this near studio-quality recording from 1110 KRLA, just two months after crosstown 93 KHJ flipped to Bill Drake consulted Top 40. After listening to this, […]

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Sneak Preview; “Boss Radio” 93/KHJ Los Angeles | April 29, 1965

A piece of audio we’ve been sitting on for several years which came to us on a large reel, I thought it was time to dust this off and post. This runs 31 minutes, 30 seconds, and includes segments from Robert W. […]

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93/KHJ Los Angeles: Sneak Preview | April 27-29, 1965

Here’s the one aircheck which documents the beginning of a legend. 93 KHJ. A station whose format, conceived and implemented by consultant Bill Drake, began a revolution in the way top 40 radio was presented. While other segments of this broadcast are […]

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WABC Dan Ingram Composite, 1965-66

Thanks to longtime Contributor Steven Green, Legendary Deejay Dan Ingram is the subject of this 26 minute composite of his air work on 77 WABC New York. This spans about a year an a half, from 1965 to sometime later in 1966. […]

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Jim Washburn, KYA San Francisco | March, 1965

When many people think of Top 40 radio in San Francisco in the 1960s, the first station that comes to mind is usually 610 KFRC. But, before KFRC, there was 1260 KYA, and for a time, both stations duked it out on […]

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