97.5 WPST Trenton – A Retrospective. By Scott Lowe for Airchexx.com

97.5 Trenton WPST

WPST Logo, sometime in the Mid 1970s

Description by Scott Lowe.

In the mid 1970’s, 97.5 WPST in Trenton, NJ was one of the early Top 40 stations on FM. This composite was assembled by Scott Lowe, from various sources, highlighting many of the air talents that were heard over a twenty year period between 1978 – 1998.

Historically, WPST always had a Rock lean, usually ignoring disco and most of the rap music of the day. Through the years, WPST helped to break a lot of new acts like Boston, The Cars, Meatloaf, Tom Petty, Bon Jovi, Depeche Mode, The Cure and Nirvana.

WPST has always thrived despite the heavy competition from the neighboring New York and Philadelphia markets.

In 2005, WPST moved down the dial to 94.5 MHz and continues today with a Hot AC format.


  1. Shelley Carter

    By any chance would this be the old radio station that was in the Carteret Arms in Trenton that used to be WTTM and the GM was Larry Conti. Trying to find some aircheck of my late husband, Bo Weaver who brought 15 seconds of fame to the station by doing an on-air Gas Protest in June 1979. Even if you are not the same station I speak of, if you know where I might find some old airchaecks of Bo Weaver from WTTM, WFIL, WIFI, and worked with Scott Shannon, Rick Dees and Jay Thomas.
    Thank you for any help you can shed my way.

    • 97.5 WPST was the FM sister of 1350 WHWH in Princeton not WTTM although they would later all come under common ownership.

    • Momma OMG I was just looking up old air spots too I told you had had a tape with Daddy on there like a resume type of thing I guess you or him gave me a long time ago.. However the tape ripped apart it can be fixed tho. I was trying to also find a picture of him wearing the Cheaper Crude or no more food shirt he was on or even the shirt itself on goole images but I can’t find an image anywhere. I was gonna do sort of a doc. to him in my media and american culture class online. =( I did find an image of the shirt I still have that says Philidelphia Freedom on it.. What were the station called he worked at down here in NC? Does anyone know and Mom weren’t you a Deejay too up there in the late 70’s?

  2. Bizzle

    WPST is a Top 40 station not a Hot A/C station and in 2005 it was a Top 40 station

  3. Chris Rogers

    You probably don’t remember me but I worked with BO in upstate NY in 1980 something. Right at the time Candi was born. I don’t have any airchecks but I had wondered where he was. Sorry to hear that he has passed away.

    Chris Rogers
    WDOS/WSRK Oneonta

  4. Steve McIntosh

    When they moved to 94.5 in 2005, their music did evolve to a more adult leaning format (henace hot AC). I for one noticed the difference and stopped listening to the station. I moved away soon afterwards and understand they did move back to a mainstream CHR some years later. A view of their playlist on their website just now confirms that.

  5. VBaskin2010

    Nowadays WPST has gone back to their Top 40 roots.

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