“WLS Salutes” – 60 Seconds Honoring a WLS Great from the Past!

W L S… Saluting the people who made the Big 89 even bigger… 89 WLS from Memorial Day, 2007 The Big 89 Rewind was the brainchild of former WLS manager Kipper McGee. McGee donated the entire set of Rewind hours from 2007 […]

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Airchexx Presents: The WLS Big 89 Rewind 2007B – Fred Winston

Fred Winston doesn’t skip a beat and he sounds like he just picked up where he left off during the MusicRadio years at WLS! Following Larry Lujack and Tommy Edwards, Winston is just as funny as the first time! He weaves all […]

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WLS 25th Anniversary Broadcast | April 08, 1985

Recording Date: 04.08.1985 Station: 890 WLS Chicago (Wikipedia) (Website) Format: Top 40 Ownership: (Then) The American Broadcasting Company/Cap Cities / (Now) Cumulus Broadcasting Branded: “The Rock of Chicago” Featured Air Personality: Various Contributor: Michael J. DeLaRosa Original Post Date: 12.29.2009 Original Notes: […]

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Larry Lujack With Guests Steve & Gary, WLS-FM 95 Chicago | February 22 1983

      If you grew up with in the signal of WLS Chicago, you’ve probably heard Larry Lujack in the morning, and you may have heard Steve Dahl & Gary Meier for the drive home. But have you ever heard them […]

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Bill Bailey, 890 WLS Chicago | 1972

Recording Date: 1972 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 890 WLS Chicago Format: Top 40 Branding: “The Big 89“, “The Rock of Chicago” Ownership: The American Broadcasting Company; (Today) Cumulus Featured Air Personality: Bill Bailey (WWDJ/WLHT/WDRQ/WLS/others) Contributor: Sandy Bailey Associated Air Talent: Larry Lujack, […]

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Bill Bailey, 89 WLS Chicago – 1973

Recording Date: 1973 (corrected) Station: 890 WLS Chicago (Wikipedia) (Tribute Site) (Current Website) Currently Broadcasts in C-Quam AM-Stereo. Formerly tried broadcasting in IBOC HD from 2008-2013 but abanodoned it due to interference problems. You can listen live to their current News/Talk format […]

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Airchexx Presents: The WLS Big 89 Rewind 2007 & 2008 – Looking Back at the MusicRadio Years, Part 2

“Here’s a Dropbox link to the WLS REWIND stuff. Feel free to use any part(s) of it which may service your purposes…. THANK YOU for all the hard work and sharing your curation with us fellow radio geeks! Here at Airchexx, it’s […]

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Steve & Garry, WLS-FM 95 Chicago | June 1983

  In March 1979, Steve Dahl was hired to do the morning show at WLUP FM 98, where he met overnight DJ Garry Meier. The two began to crosstalk on air during the transition from one show to the other. The two […]

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