A Sample of 740 WCAS Cambridge MA | Summer, 1978

A Sample of 740 WCAS Cambridge MA | Summer, 1978


Short description: This was donated to airchexx by Julian Porter. Julian spent some time in Boston in 1978 and recorded almost a full day of radio in the Boston area. This is one of the AM stations he captured, that survived all these years.

WCAS was launched in 1967, but had several different formats before it went bankrupt in 1981. This is from a time when the station was a Folk/Rock hybrid station, attempting to sound like a college FM. Its an interesting listen, but it only runs 10 mintues. The full master copy is one 45 minute cassette side, but there were 3 and 4 song sets with no talk. We cannot include copyrighted music, therefore, all that’s left is the DJ and a few commercials – mainly for area record stores.

740 Cambridge today is Bob Bittner’s WJIB, with a Beautiful Music format nearly identical to 96.9 WJIB in its heyday.

View this from our official Airchexx Classic Radio YouTube Channel (below)


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