Airchexx Talent Spotlight: The Career of Tom Birch

100.7 Miami Ft. Lauderdale, South Florida, Y100, WHYI, CHR, Jade Alexander, Kenny Walker, 1990s, 1996

If someone asked me if I would be doing full length interviews with old jocks, I’d have laughed them right off a cliff. Who, me? is all about posting airchecks.

This DOES feature the latest Tom Birch aircheck, the beginning of it scattered in and about this interview, which lasts 30 minutes. The rest? Other aircheck parts of stations Mr. Birch mentioned during our conversation are added in to enhance the listener experience.

Tom Birch is launched his career in ‘upstate’ New York. But it was in Miami where he made a big splash! Mr. Birch explains how when they put Y-100 on the air, it crushed the only game in town up till then, a station known as “Tiger Radio”, WQAM. The difference between AM and FM was stark, and the audience loved how the music sounded on FM.

Rather than try to write down this special interview, I’ll just post it here. We can think of no better place to display the career of a man who has risen through the ranks to become nationally know, a ratings pioneer, and a station owner.

Our journey begins HERE.

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