Bobby Jay, 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | June 26, 1996

Here’s a generous portion of Bobby Jay. In hi-fi quicktime stereo! This was recorded back in June of ’96 around the same time as the Max Kinkel aircheck we’re posting this week.

Not all jocks are smooth, but some have a very distinctive style. And NOBODY sounds like Bobby Jay!

More, from the 90s when WCBS-FM was just enormous!




    where is bobby jay at come back to wcbs fm we need you man they only have 4 top jocks thats dan taylor mornings bob shanon and broadway bill lee and joe cousey. we need some more conserder it we need you gary b. rubin loyle listenor plainfield nj

  2. Gary –

    I too have been trying to find out where he is. Seems as though Bobby is under contract with 103.1 out on Long Island. I have been missing the old CBS format for some time now. I have not purchased a Satellite Radio, so I lost touch with Cousin Brucie. I have been listening to WBAI (99.5FM) and I got bored listening to the house music they were playing this past Saturday. I turned the dial and heard oldies music, to my surprise – – they were back…just not all of the on-air personalities. I know that Bruce just signed a 5 year extension with Sirius, so he definitely will not be back. I am sure that Bobby can be encouraged. I think he likes it over there, because they respect his legend and more than anything…give him the freedom to do what he wants on the air and play whatever.

  3. EarthAngel

    Is it true Bobby Jay once sang with Frankie lymon and the Teenagers, or is he just subbing for someone else

  4. Rob

    I miss the days of Bobby Jay on CBS. He, along with Don K. Reed, were my favorite deejays. I listened to the Top 20 Countdowns he did, Thursday Night Sixties, Friday Night Fifties, Jukebox Saturday Night, Soul Of The City. Even when he subbed for Don K. on the Doo Wop Shop (GREATLY missed–sniff sniff) he was wonderful there too because he dug deep in the vaults for some good stuff.

  5. Chucker

    I saw Bobby Jay up at the BIG E in MASS. He has been hosting the events and acts at the Gazebo for several years. He can also be seen yelling at kids who get out of hand and run onto the stage.

  6. Scotty Campbell

    Truly enjoyed this aircheck of Bobby Jay. Thanks for sharing.

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