Alan Kabel, 99.5 WLOL Minneapolis | November, 1990


Somewhere, there’s a composite of this station featuring current New York superstar Broadway Bill Lee. While you search for that, high energy and a Rap/Rhythmic lean highlight this incredible aircheck! Ice Ice Baby is #1 this particular week, although its not clear if the song is #1 Billboard or just #1 at the station. This is one way I narrowed the date down, but I couldn’t nail down the exact date. Our astute listeners usually get pretty close.

This is so risque in places, the aircheck should carry a parental advisory!

As with many of our airchecks this year, we’ll leave it to the audience to describe what they hear. They don’t do radio like this anymore!

99.5 Mineapolis WLOL, KSJN

Aircheck #1,359 since May 2, 2002!


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