K-Earth 101 KRTH Los Angeles | June 1976



There was a time when it was common to hear the music of the 1950s on the radio. Back in the 1970s, KRTH Los Angeles was primarily a 50s Oldies station. In 1972, there was a switch to what was then called a “gold” format, featuring older hit songs from the past. At the time, this “oldies” or “nostalgia” format featuring songs from 1955 to 1963 was a novel idea since most stations played current music with only a few older songs mixed in. With the switch in format came a new name, “K-Earth”, named after Earth Day which had debuted to much fanfare 1970. The station was automated, with a generic announcer as the station voice.

(When I originally Posted this, I thought Art Laboe was the jock, but he is only featured on one promotional ad on the aircheck.)



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The Real Don Steele, 101.1 KRTH Los Angeles | August, 1993

Station: 101.1 KRTH (KHJ-FM) Los Angeles (Wikipedia) (Website) Format: Oldies Branded: “K-Earth 101“; “Southern California’s Greatest Hits” Featured Air Personality: The Real Don Steele (Donald Steele Revert; April 1, 1936 – August 5, 1997) (KBUC/KEPR/KIMA/KXLY/KOIL/KISN/KEWB/KHJ/KHJ-TV/KIQQ/KRLA/KCBS-FM/KRTH) (Wikipedia) Contributor: Robyn Watts Total Time: 9:44 Aircheck […]

The Real Don Steele, KRTH K-Earth 101 Los Angeles | Date unknown

Date of Recording: Early 1990s (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 101.1 KRTH Los Angeles, California, USA Featured Air Talent: The Real Don Steele (04.01.1936 – 08.05.1997) (KBUC, KEPR, KIMA, KXLY, KOIL, KISN, KEWB, KHJ, KIQQ, KTNQ, KRLA, KODJ, KCBS-FM, KRTH) Contributor: Robyn Watts […]

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