October 17, 2021

7 thoughts on “A Tribute to B. Mitchel Reed: 95.5 KLOS Los Angeles | March 19, 1983

  1. Steve, For some reason I am unable to listen to this tribute to BMR. By the way, his name is spelled Mitchel (only one l not two). Thanks for all the airchecks you have made available through the years. Tony

    1. Tony, what browser are you using? I’d suggest using a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, Commodo Dragon, Safari all come to mind as good browsers, although FF has had some issues in the last couple of updates).

  2. B. Mitchel Reed – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    B. Mitchel Reed (June 10, 1926 — March 16, 1983) was a successful American disc Jockey on both Top 40 and album-oriented rock radio stations, working in …

    Ironically, I just noticed in my post above I spelled my name Tomy instead of Tony.

    A quite interesting tribute to BMR. Jane Fonda, when she was growing up, said BMR was her favorite DJ as well as thousands others. I wish we had more airchecks of his.


  3. He was my very favorite at KMET and I still get nostalgic thinking about that time…1970, 71 or so. He was the best.

  4. BMR briefly had a late night slot at KRLA-AM for awhile, playing underground type radio. I remember hearing Interstellar Overdrive on that show. Here are some of my favorite songs he used to play on KMET; cocaine blues, dave van ronk. christo redemptor; charlie musselwhite. 49 bye-byes; the frozen noses.

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