Big Ron O’Brien, 1000 AM WCFL | 1976

1000 Chicago WCFL WMVP WLUP Larry Lujack Ron O'Brien Federation of Labor

1976 – The final year that WCFL played Top 40. Before flaming out, this was an incredible station – fast paced, screamin’ jocks, and a harder edge to the music than even crosstown WLS, which billed itself as the “Rock of Chicago”. Unfortunately for all of us who loved the format, the American Federation of Labor Union that owned the station was pretty much finished with playing radio, and WCFL was just about done with Rock music in general. That story we’ll tell at another time.

By 1976, WCFL had fallen substantially in the ratings race, due to increased visibility and promotion by both WLS, and the emergence of FM Rock stations which were gaining prominence. You’d never notice if you were a listener to the Voice of Labor though, as you’ll hear in this short but high-energy scope of the late Big Ron O’Brien. This station was hotter than a firecracker.

This aircheck, we guarantee, has NEVER been shared with anyone before, and we thank contributor Keith Teicher for passing this never heard before recording along via our good site friend Matt Seinberg. Many thanks indeed!

WCFL Chicago


  1. Roger Biver

    Loved WCFL, Grew up with up it, and all the disc jockeys

    • Keith & Matt and Airchexx…
      Thanks a million for Big Ron’s 76 Aircheck.
      He was my radio idol when I was starting out. He was kind enough to write me also.
      Truly the best
      Steve Gannon

  2. Hi! Big Ron O’Brien SuperCFL Chicago, Listening To Unscoped Or Scoped Radio What’s On Radio! Love Christopher He Died Big Ron O’Brien April 27 2008 Last Sunday Is What’s Going On Passed Away!

  3. Steven Green

    Fantastic music
    Fantastic deejay
    Fantastic station

    So sad the way radio has devolved.

  4. Marty

    Rest in Peace Big Ron ! I grew up listening to you on cfl …

  5. Tony

    Man, I thought it was ’76 all over again!!!

    Big Ron was awesome! So cool and so smooth!

  6. Dan Belford

    As a young lad in Canton, Ohio the local AM daytimer would sign off as early as 5pm in the winter…then Super CFL would blast out of my radio! I would catch the last hour of Larry Lujack and listen to Big ROn in the evening. Real radio..with real personalities. The cookie cutter stations of today just don’t stack up!

  7. Jeffrey Brand

    I also grew up in Canton, Ohio and found Super CFL, and Big Ron O’Brien, in the same way as Dan Belford did (above comment). Weeknights in northeastern Ohio when I was in high school were oh so boring, so the entertainment value of Big Ron and CFL were my salvation!! I had NEVER EVER heard a jock that was so witty, wacky, wild, and had the TIMING that Big Ron had! Boy, he could hit the post on virtually ANY song!

  8. Carl Rychlik

    I really miss listening to SuperCFL. Those were the years of great energy that resonated throughout the airwaves and Big Ron was clearly a part of that. SuperCFL had a large following and to this day,many people still wish that a SuperCFL would come back with that same energy that it once had. I loved the “machine gun” drumbeat that started off the SuperCFL call letters. That sounded so cool. SuperCFL had a great homebase which was Marina City which is a beautiful landmark in it’s own right. Unfortunately today that is all gone now. All we can do is remember those great broadcast years of a bygone era.

  9. Buck

    I’d take Super CFL over WLS anytime. One great radio station!

  10. 442toCheyenne

    Super CFL had a formal style that complemented that of Big Ron. He and CFL meshed more perfectly than any other combination of stations and jocks, with the possible exception of Chuck Buell while at WLS.

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