Big Ron O’Brien, WXLO 99X New York | May 4, 1974


A bit of processing was required to make this tape listenable, but once you get a few minutes into it things clear up a bit. Here’s Big Ron O’Brien from his East Coast days at 99X! All the hits, high energy and one lone shotgun jingle make for a memorable listen on this ‘check – chock full of mid-70s NYC advertisers. This is so old, the store owners are probably either on Social Security or long gone!




  1. MGD4Ever

    This is a really fun aircheck. The commercials are great. a more accurate date for this aircheck would be august 28 1974. they are promoting a Beatles feature on that upcoming labor Day weekend so it has to be either late August or very early September. then there is a commercial that talks about a restaurant that has some big thing going on tonight called Thank god It’s Wednesday. so, assuming this is the Wednesday before Labor day weekend 1974, that would place the date as August 28. Anyway, as always, thanks so much for all of the enjoyment your site brings to all of us.

  2. brianCarter

    late summer’74 ..Hues Corp(rare long version)Barry White
    And the most popular shotgun jingle ever doesnt hurt.

    plenty of recurrents Grand Funk,Ojays

    Big Ron still straight shootin in 2008 in Philly at WOGL.

  3. Lee Sellman

    Goodbye Big Ron….. we will miss you….

  4. It is with great sadness that we learn of the untimely passing of Ron O’Brien, who died April 27 at the age of 56 from complications with pneumonia. May he rest in peace…

  5. Jason

    Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but O’Brien passed away on 4/27/08 at age 56…

  6. Hi! My Name Is Christopher, Oh! My God-What She Died Last Sunday With Big Ron O’Brien April 27 2008, Are You Listening To Radio Next Sunday Big Ron O’Brien Airchecks, Thanks Christopher! We’ve Got Bless You!

  7. jdv

    as MGD4Ever said, this aircheck IS from August 28 1974 and just mislabeled. Several references to Labor Day coming Monday as well as the Wednesday’s commercial are fairly good evidence of a 08/28/1974 air date.

  8. Mark

    The weird thing here is at the very end…why were they running an ad for Helen Reddy’s “brand new album” that at the time was a year old?

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