Big Ron O’Brien, 98.7 WXLO 99X New York | Winter 1977


How many ways can you use ONE shotgun jingle? Listeners who remember the great 99X WXLO do remember… except for one several month period in 1972 when 98.7 FM morphed into WXLO from the old WOR-FM, WXLO used just ONE shotgun jingle… for about four years. Why change something if it works? The formula at 99X was simple, play the hits, let the jocks entertain, and have FUN. Certainly, no station was going to dethrone WABC in the Top 40 world, but 99X TRIED… and nearly succeeded in 1978. But this is all 99X lore that is evidenced by the many airchecks we have posted here about this great station.

What you’ll hear on this extremely tight scope, is an incredibly talented and excited Ron O’Brien, fresh out of Chicago’s WCFL and having a BALL! O’Brien passed on to that great transmitter in the sky on Sunday, April 27, 2008, but we remember a man who helped shape the face of Top 40 radio, and who belongs on a list of the biggest and best of the radio legends during the Top 40 era.