Big Ron O’Brien, WCFL Chicago | July 7, 1975

WCFL Chicago

Big Ron O’Brien Sketch while at WPGC Morningside

C F L… 6:03, I want you to notice that I have not made one mistake yet. I also want you to notice I haven’t said anything dirty yet!

Holy cow! From Contributor Max Power, this super-clean and bright sounding aircheck of the late Big Ron O’Brien! This one will definitely make you laugh!

This is apparently Big Ron’s first night on CFL after having been away for a while. I think sometimes, one’s first time on the air after an absence can be either great or terrible… and this one is fantastic! He’s totally “on” this particular evening.

CFL‘s big contest at this point in 1975 is a chance for listeners to win $1,000 just by listening to their cue to call. That’s one. Ron is also giving away tickets to the Rolling Stones! So, it’s your opportunity to ‘get stoned’ with Big Ron. I can’t describe this any better. You simply must LISTEN! It’ll brighten your day!