The Magic Christian, 105.7 WBVF Framingham (Boston) | April 30, 1976

Magic Christian on WVBF… yes, this was a long time ago indeed! Listen below to this partially restored aircheck just for fun. WVBF was using a TON of reverb here. One must wonder, if we had a better recording would it make […]

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Bill Todd as Cat Simon, 93 KHJ Los Angeles | July, 1972

Bill Todd, AKA Cat Simon was having every jock’s worst nightmare. Songs stopped in mid-play. Carts misfired. Not once, not twice but several times. One can almost feel his frustration as he says, “I’m having a night, folks!” Well then! Courtesy of […]

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Bud Ballou, 105.7 WVBF Framingham (Boston) | June, 1973

Bud Ballou was a memorable radio air personality to many in Boston, and also in Syracuse, where he worked for a long time before going to Boston. While we could go down the list of radio stations he was at, this aircheck […]

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The Real Don Steele, 93 KHJ Los Angeles | February 25, 1967

The Boss Jocks are going to send you a Jet-Set Souvenir… Listening to this one has to wonder, could anyone talk faster than the Real Don Steele did here? Some might say Jackson Armstrong did a few years later. This seems to […]

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Big Ron O’Brien, WCFL Chicago | July 7, 1975

C F L… 6:03, I want you to notice that I have not made one mistake yet. I also want you to notice I haven’t said anything dirty yet! Holy cow! From Contributor Max Power, this super-clean and bright sounding aircheck of […]

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Bud Ballou, 105.7 WVBF Framingham (Boston) | May 19, 1973

I’m starting a rumor too… except, my rumors come out true! This is a stunningly fresh aircheck of the late, great Bud Ballou on the old “Stereo 105”. Actually, in 1973, WVBF was officially known as “Electronic Mama”. Some of Boston’s best […]

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Magic Christian, 105.7 WVBF Framingham (Boston) | October 6, 1976

“WVBF with England Carter and John Ford Cooley…“ Become an Airchexx Supporter! We need YOUR support to remain on the web! Suggested Amounts Option 1 : $14.99 USD – monthlyOption 2 : $99.99 USD – yearly From our newest contributor, Max Power, […]

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