99.1 WHFS,Annapolis MD Billy The Kid, 99.1 WHFS Annapolis | May, 1997

Billy The Kid, 99.1 WHFS Annapolis | May, 1997

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From the old Modern Rock/Alternative 99-1 HFS comes this scope of someone called “Billy The Kid”. Not sure of his real name (somebody knows).

Fans of HFS will likely enjoy this. Please feel free to fill in the blanks as to the airstaff during this time frame, your favorite events/jocks, etc.

WHFS and WIYY Baltimore seemed to have very similar formats around this time, although “98 Rock” had classic rock cuts in rotation. Currents were Alt-heavy on both stations.

Today, 99.1 is All-News WNEW

4 thoughts on “Billy The Kid, 99.1 WHFS Annapolis | May, 1997”

  1. For a short time in the mid-90s we had four stations we could listen to for rock and alternative rock music here in Baltimore: DC 101, HFS, 98 Rock and 100 X before 100 X became country.

  2. This may be Billy Zero, HFS intern, staffer and jock during the 90s, possibly before he started using his “full name” on the air. The voice sounds similar to examples of Billy Zero (at XM) available at YouTube.

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