Bob Summers, WRVQ Q-94.5 Richmond | July 5, 1997

94.5 Richmond, WRVQ, Q945

Date of Recording: July 5, 1997
Station: 94.5 WRVQ Richmond VA
Featured Air Talent: Bob Summers
Aircheck Entry: 1,411


For this aircheck, Q94-5 is celebrating its 25th anniversary all weekend. The sweepers are really good and the station is high energy! This is a good representation of the CHR format, with most of the genres well rotated – Rap, Pop & Rock. Sorry, no Country.

This recording for some reason stopped a few minutes in, but in the interest of getting a new Richmond station into the archives, I’m posting this under two minute scope until I can re record the original cassette. A longer version will post soon.

94.5 Richmond, WRVQ, Q945


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