Bobby Dale, 610 KFRC San Francisco | July, 1966


610 San Francisco KFRC
KFRC Staff Photo, courtesy of

Here’s a real classic that somehow apparently isn’t posted somewhere else. Here’s The Big 610 from the early Drake years! This recording isn’t in the best shape after all these years but it’s a great audio time capsule. No news or any other elements, but lots of Johnny Mann KFRC jingles and plenty of mid-60’s Bay area commercials! Who knew that 53 years later, we’d be listening to Bobby Dale on KFRC!

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Here at airchexx, we try to make sure that every element is attributed to the correct people.  The accompanying photo at left was found during a google search, and it apparently leads to a page on about KFRC.  A page written by KFRC alumn Don Sainte John.  You can click the picture or the link to go check it out.  Then, of course, come back here!  We have plenty of audio to share with you!

610 San Francisco, KFRC

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  1. Andrew Reid

    This clip is just after KFRC changed to the Drake Top-40 format in 1966. Bobby Dale was the best-around 30 years in the Bay Area at most every station with a music format- an amzing talent. RIP

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