October 20, 2021

4 thoughts on “Bobby Day, CFRW Winnipeg | March 1979

  1. At that time, I worked at CFRW as sports director (Jeff Murray). Fun to hear this. Curious to know where you got it? Do you have anymore?

    1. Jeff, this CFRW aircheck was submitted to the site by my friend and collegue Daniel Coulombe in Sherbrooke, Quebec. He either knew someone there or recorded it himself. I don’t have any other airchecks of CFRW at present, although I can look at the bins – I have hundreds of tapes awaiting encoding. I might contact Daniel and see if he has anything else of that station. Thanks for checking in!

      1. Hi Steve,
        I just recently came across some cassettes with airchecks that I have had since the 70’s. I have just begin to go through them. CFRW Winnipeg, CFTR Toronto, CKLW Windsor-Detroit and a few others. You interested in having them? It’ll take ma while to go through them, but if you are, we can find a way to get to them to you.

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