Bobby Ocean, 1170 KCBQ San Diego | May 26, 1971

1170 San Diego, KCBQ

A bit of light processing returns this performance of the Bobby Ocean show on KCBQ to life!

Quoted from Wikipedia

“Some of KCBQ’s most legendary personalities included Don Howard, Jim O’Leary, Ralph James, Jack Vincent, Dex Allen, Harry “Happy Hare” Martin, “Shotgun” Tom Kelly, Charlie & Harrigan, Charlie TunaBob Shannon, Perry Allen, Bobby Ocean, Lee “Baby” Sims, Jimmy Rabbitt,[5] Rich Brother Robbin, Brian Roberts, China Smith, Chuck Browning, Jimi Fox, Harry Scarborough, Dave Conley, Chris Bailey, Gene Knight, Gary Kelley, Paul Kelley, Jim Barker, The Magic Christian, Brian “The Blind Owl” White, Gary Allyn, Robert L. Collins, Neilson Ross, Phil Flowers and Ron “Ugly” Thompson, (and) Mason Dixon.

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This is fairly early in Bobby Ocean’s career, before he went on to stardom at KFRC San Francisco, and all the talent is there. So is the voice that imaged numerous stations in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

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