Kevin Steele, 94.1 WSTR Smyrna/Atlanta | January, 2000

94.1 Smyrna Atlanta Star 94 WSTR

Then owned by Jefferson-Pilot Communications, this is a station once known as WQXI-FM. “Star 94”, as this station is branded, is a hot CHR formatted station. And here, WSTR is giving away tickets to Super Bowl 34!

This appears to have been recorded a week or two before Super Bowl Sunday, this based upon comments made by jock Kevin Steele. Steele doesn’t come right out and say what day it is or exactly how close the Super Bowl is, but I was able to narrow this down to at least the month of January based upon the absence of any Christmas/holiday music or mentions, and the aforementioned comments on air that imply that Super Bowl Sunday is very close.

Ok. Technical stuff. First, the recording is very good. The cassette tape held up very well over the years, however, there is some white noise on the recording. This doesn’t seem to be tape noise, but rather, noise on the FM signal itself. This was probably recorded out in the distant suburbs. The noise is NOT bad. This is quite listenable.

“Star 94” is branded “Atlanta’s Hit Music Leader”, although the station’s jingles sing “Today’s Hit Music” (Z-100 JAM jingles in use here!) The tape was recorded right around the 2 pm hour.  At about the 3 minute mark, there’s a full legal ID for WSTR Smyrna/Atlanta. The promos are very well put together and programming is smooth as glass.  Every element including the music sounds like it fits like a glove!

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