Boston Sampler #1: WRKO / WVBF

Courtesy of Contributor Frank Davis, here’s a wonderful composite featuring two of Boston’s legendary Top 40 stations. It starts with Harry Nelson on WRKO, then moves on into the wierdest thing your webmaster’s heard come out of a radio (and I’ve heard a lot of strange things over the years). WVBF apparently has just tweaked it’s format to rebrand as the “New” F-105. It sounds like the station had been taken over by robots… some 150 years in the future (they even say that on the air). It’s just something you have to listen to. I’m sure that some programmer who knew what WVBF was up to back in ’76 can explain this better than I.

The rest of this aircheck is mainly Mike Addams on the Big 68 WRKO, with the exception of ONE break by Wolfman Jack, live in the WROR studios (at that time they were Oldies). You’ll hear about 20 seconds of the Wolfman and then its back to Mike Addams. There is a later clip of F-105 before this ‘check ends.

I called this Boston Sampler #1.. the title on the Cassette was Boston Sampler, and lists several different airchecks including this composite. The rest of this cassette side will post at some later date when I have time to clean it up, as the quality of the recordings is quite poor and I need to do post-production. We’ll call that one Boston Sampler #2. Look for it later. Till then, enjoy this awesome piece of late 70s Boston Top 40. WRKO really was better sounding than its sister 93/KHJ in Los Angeles during this time period, and it shows here!