Ed Baer for B. Mitchell Reed, 570 WMCA New York | July 31, 1964

“Swingin’ With The Good Guys…”

The BMR show with the Big Bad Bear! WMCA was in heated competition with WABC during this time, and the station was captializing on the Beatles as much as anyone. Listen for the announcement of the Beatles arriving in a few days at Kennedy Airport. WMCA had hoped to be the exclusive Beatles station, but as history records, WABC got most of the attention. But you can hear the excitement that WMCA was generating. There are lots of Beatles records on the air here. Listen for plenty of WMCA jingles, and that irritating reverb-on-demand button, that got used way too often.

WMCA is playing “Name It And Claim It” as one of their main contests. Listen for the WMCA countdown, ranking the songs by listener’s votes. Was it really listener votes or did they make that up? It sure sounds authentic.

This is just over 8 minutes of one of the best recordings from 1964 I can remember posting. Audio quality is amazing, right off the source reel – definitely ear candy for those who remember early 60s WMCA!