Broadway Bill Lee, 103.5 WKTU Lake Success (New York) | February 1, 2000


One of our all-time favorites, Broadway Bill Lee (Bill Lenke) sounds a bit more serious here but still rhyme drops plenty in this scoped 8 1/2 minutes of Rhythmic excitement! KTU has always been a classy outfit, and the station shines here. No obnoxious imaging, jingles that fit the music perfectly and a really great music mix combined with an airstaff that was exactly what you’d expect in America’s Number One radio market.

It’s only a month into the new millenium, and judging by the way KTU sounds, they are likely still using CD carts or even vynl for some of the dance cuts. Someone knows. The sound is refreshingly CLEAN, another indication that the music isn’t a compressed digital file somewhere. Hard drives were still pretty small in 2000, so… well what do you think?

Broadway Bill Lee had a long career before KTU. Check out these favorites from our archives, some of which go way back!

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* Broadway Bill Lee; 40th Anniversary Broadcast, Part 1 – 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | July 6, 2012
* QuickCheck: Station Profile: Bill Lee, 610 KFRC San Francisco | 1983

After listening to all those, here’s the latest from Broadway Bill Lee:

103.5 New York WKTU WAPP WQHT Broadway Bill Lee Al Bandiero Paul Cubby Bryant

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