Bruce Bradley, 97.1 WYNY New York | Summer, 1980

97.1 FM New York 103.5 FM New York WYNY WQHT New York 97 Bruce Bradley Jack Welby WBZ 1030 AM Boston

One of our original contributors from way back in 2002, Alan Fletcher, included this on something he called “AM/FM Snippets”. There were two discs, as I recall and some tapes that he had sent also. This is an excerpt from the original Volume 1, featuring Bruce Bradley in AM drive. It’s from, I THINK, July of ’77 based upon the material surrounding this 8+ minute scope. You’ll also hear some news from Jack Welby, a longtime voice of the old “New York 97”.

The Late Bruce Bradley was probably best known for his on air work at WBZ Boston, first in the early 1960s during it’s Top 40 days, and then later, during the mid and late 80s after his time at WYNY. Bradley held down afternoons for quite a while in Boston and was a perfect fit there. We don’t have any airchecks of him at WBZ and if anyone has a recording, please contact us!

97.1 FM New York 103.5 FM New York WYNY WQHT New York 97 Bruce Bradley Jack Welby WBZ 1030 AM Boston

Bruce Bradley passed away on June 22, 2013 in Lake St. Louis, MO. You can read his Obituary HERE.


  1. John Stevens

    Thanks for sharing this great aircheck. One comment Pure Prarie League “Let Me Love You Tonight” was a hit in 1980.

    • Yes, you’re right. Everything else surrounding it on this tape was from 1977 and I had made a mental note to NOT put 1977… but sometimes my hands outpace my brain.

  2. JB

    It’s from 8/21/81. In the beginning of the clip Bruce says that the Mets lost 6-4 loss to Atlanta the day before and that the Yanks were off that day. The clip also includes a mention of VP George Bush, who didn’t assume that position until ’81.

  3. David

    I didn’t think that the heading looked right myself. Bruce Bradley didn’t sign on with WYNY until about the spring or summer of 1981. In fact, I remember seeing TV commercials that year for his new show on that station.

  4. Actually, Bruce Bradley left NY for the Gateway City and top-rated News/Talker KMOX in 1986. He remained at KMOX until about 1992 and then worked at a couple of upstart competitors to KMOX throughout the rest of the 90’s.

  5. Steven Green

    This was the only NYC FM I could get in my college dorm room in Philadelphia. Listened during summer, 1981. Only when I had an eighth floor room. When I turned the radio around, I got a station from DC.

    A friend with a special antenna in Phila. could get 92.3 WKTU.

  6. Ian Welby

    ive searched countless places for my fathers recordings and i have to say how much it means to me to have stumbled upon this Jack Welby is my Father and has since had a very serious stroke and if anyone here knew him id love to hear from them

    Ian Welby

    • Robert

      Ian, I remember your dad from the old WEEI 590 in Boston back in the 1960s. I can’t remember if he did a talk show or news or both but I enjoyed hearing him. Best wishes to you and your dad! Robert Cohen Washington DC

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