Calvin Hicks/Mitch Zano, WSSX 95SX Charleston SC | November, 1996

95.1 FM Charleston 95SX WSSX Calvin Hicks Mitch Zano 2 Girls and a Guy in the Morning

Charleston, SC is an under-rated market. I say that knowing that there are a lot of Large and Medium sized markets that did and still do have plenty of talent gracing the airwaves.

This time, we have a pretty long late afternoon/evening composite of 95SX. At the time of this recording, it was pretty much the lone survivor of the CHR war that once was between 95SX and the former WKQB Q-107 which flipped to Country as WBUB in 1990. That 80s CHR war was not so much won by 95SX due to ratings, but thanks to divine intervention in the form of Hurricane Hugo, which devastated much of the Lowcountry in 1989. Q-107 took six months or longer to get back on the air, and when it did, it was for about a month before going bankrupt and the station purchased by a group which included Charlie ‘Bird’ Lindsay and Larry Farina, former jocks at WEZL. Don’t ask me how I remember that, other than either TJ Phillips or Rhett Bledsoe told me the story when I was at WEZL around 1993… I digress.

This is about 95SX. The afternoon personality heard here is Calvin Hicks. Great pipes and a pleasant personality, perfect for PM drive. This moves right along into the night show with Mitch Zano. We get to hear ALMOST the entire “Top 8 at 8” countdown… except for number one. You could probably guess what that song was if you remember the hits from around Thanksgiving, 1996.

Courtesy of Contributor Robyn Watts