Cat Simon on 103.7 KVIL Dallas | October 19, 1979

1150 Dallas 103.7 Dallas KVIL Cat Simon

Now from the ‘annonymous’ donor file from two years ago comes this somewhat obscure recording of KVIL in the waning days of Top 40 before going to AC (and subsequently smashing the competition just like the top 40 days).

Cat Simon is very entertaining – you’ll hear contests in the form of a Susan B. Anthony dollar coin giveaway, a car that gets 150 mpg (another, earlier gas crisis that we’re all familiar with), and some pretty cool jingles.



  1. Jim T Clay

    Sounds good, but I was expecting Cat Simon-who at one time worked at KHJ. Not the same guy at all.

  2. Lane Jernigan

    Just wondering if you guys have any idea where Cat Simon is today.We were old friends and fellow DJ’s in Dallas back in the ’70’s and I’d love to catch up with Cat after all these many years. His real name is Cloyd William Moll.Thank you!Lane Jernigan…

    • Carol Hare

      Did you ever find Cloyd Moll? Another friend of his, Bill Harrison, is looking for him as well. I am assisting. Bill was in college with him and also heard him on a radio show out of Charlotte, NC.

  3. Leslie Robertson

    Ever find ol Cat? He was in Shreveport, La for awhile in the 90’s…how the mighty do fall!

  4. Ryan

    Its really good to bring back those good memories of the 70s!

  5. Lane Jernigan

    Belatedly speaking,I did find Cat in Louisiana and hooked up with him and his wonderful wife Eleece in Austin on the lake and it was a great reunion. He is well and still living in the Shreveport area.I encouraged him to reconsider pursuing a radio opportunity,as he was and is a one of a kind personality that doesn’t exist anymore.I hope it happens as this kind of natural talent is of a bygone era never to be seen again. Thanks for caring.Take him there George Johns!

  6. Don

    KVIL became an upbeat MOR station in the early 1970’s. Ron Chapman was going for the audience that outgrew KLIF AM.

  7. Brad

    I did meet Cat (Bill) Simon from KHJ FM (Los Angeles) in the 70’s. Bill was a great guy, great DJ and allowed me and friends to come watch him do his show live in the KHJ studio, as I was interested in the business at the time. He was a gentleman, and I know his fans enjoyed him ‘on-the-air.’ Hey Cat… thanks again… hope you’re well !!!

  8. Mike Schwartz

    THIS is the Cat Simon (IIRC) who left KVIL shortly after this aircheck to take over PM drive at KOGO San Diego. In Aug 1983, Scott Shannon hired him as the first PM drive jock at WHTZ-Z100 in New York. Simon never adjusted to NYC and left after around 4-6 weeks and was replaced that fall by Shadow Stevens, aka Jeff Hooker(WBBM)/Jeff Motther Robbins (WFIL)/Shadow Steele (KQLZ) etc.

  9. Good to hear all is well. I’ve wondered on occasion whatever happened to him after San Diego. I may be the only listener in Dallas that busted him on one of his infamous pay phone prank calls (I’ve never heard of another anyway.). He did this spiel about needing to check on some hosiery for his wife around the corner at Park Lane Hosiery and then I asked, “How you doin’, Cat?” His reaction was a comical and memorable moment.

  10. Tony

    The Cat Simon here on KVIL and the Cat Simon are definitely two people.

    Their deliveries are as different as day and … well, you know the rest.

  11. Tony

    Maybe it’s semantics, but I have never heard KVIL referred to as MOR — adult contemporary.

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