93.1 WNAP

Composite: 93.1 WNAP Indianapolis | December 21, 1978

93.1 WNAP Indianapolis This recording starts out during the Afternoon drive with “Magic” Mitchell at the controls. As you can hear, WNAP plays ALL the hits. After the Morning Show segment, listen in for “Club 93”, the Evening Drive show… all Disco! This is scoped, so one doesn’t have to hear all the obnoxious Disco songs, although this is such a good sounding recording, you might wish you could hear the whole show intact! Remember to visit our live streaming online station. Go to AirchexxLive.com! 93.1 is now News/Talk WIBC …If everyone gave $10, we could pay the bills for a year! Unfortunately, few give anything, but enjoy our content. Please consider a donation to help cover our expenses.

Composite: 93.1 WNAP Indianapolis, Part 1 | 1978

Date of Recording: 1978 (Exact date unknown) Contributor: FM Airchecks Station: WNAP 93.1 FM Indianapolis Featured Air Talent: Moto, Macho, Tom Cochran and others Aircheck Entry: 1,397 Comments: Guessing from the hit songs contained in this composite, this is from sometime in 1978. Some of our visitors may be from the Indianapois area and recognize the news stories, and be able to nail down a more specific date. 93.1 is currently a News Talk station using the call letters WIBC The call letter history of this station is as follows: 1961 – WIBC-FM 7/1/1968 – WNAP 3/4/1986 – WEAG 8/14/1987 – WKLR 9/9/1994 – WNAP 3/28/2000 – WNOU 10/19/2007 – WEXM 12/26/2007 – WIBC Watch for Part two of this composite coming soon!

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