Mike Donovan

“Position 93” Sampler, KHJ Los Angeles | Early 1978

“Position 93, your California JAM Station…” Please scroll down and read an important message Curator’s Notes: Contributor Mike Donovan sent this in about 7 years ago, but it’s as relevant now as it was then. Legendary Top 40 station 93 KHJ still had it’s array of 1970s high-powered jocks, but “The New Sound of KHJ” was trying to compete with L.A. area FM stations and their more music, less talk approaches (specifically, the two major Album Rockers that gained much of the AM audience by 1978), and unfortunately, those now legendary personalities were muted, for the most part; relegated to liner cards and a format that restricted as to when they could speak at all. Just like today, right (speaks volumes as to where the business was headed even ...

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