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Russ Oasis, 940 WINZ Miami | 1976

Miami is one of those radio markets which adapted to FM rather early.

Composite: 1510 WMEX Boston | October 4-5, 1972

Despite a signal which radiated mostly out over the Atlantic Ocean, the format and 50,000 watts of hit music power is memorable to many from the classic era of Top 40 radio!

Composite, 68 WRKO Boston | October, 1972 – Part 1

Here’s an amazing composite of the lineup on WRKO Boston. The year was 1972 and some of the music in rotation that year was truly great!

1340 WNHC New Haven Agency Presentation | 1970

Advertisements Contributor Russ Oasis provided this creative and somewhat humorous sales presentation of the old WNHC. We’re not entirely sure where this came from, but it appears to have been produced in 1970. This featuresContinue reading1340 WNHC New Haven Agency Presentation | 1970

Station Composite, 96.3 WMYQ Miami | 1974

From the short lived WMYQ Top 40 era, this composite is donated by Russ Oasis for use and archival here on Airchexx. It’s one of the best sounding airchecks in terms of sound quality that we’ve heard – and the jocks are some of the best in the business at that time! Just listen.