Composite, 105.7 WVBF Framingham/Boston | October, 1972

105.7 Framingham, 105.7 Boston, WVBF, Stereo 105
Ron Robin. WVBF, WBOS, WBZ 1030, WBZ 4, WCVB 5, more.

Here’s another from Contributor Russ Oasis which is in excellent condition. Russ had a bit to say about this aircheck:

This is from Oct. 1972. WVBF was new to the air and didn’t quite have their footing yet. They were trying to straddle the line between WRKO (top 40) and WBCN (AOR). In retrospect, they were quite chatty and not formatted tightly enough, utilizing too many live reads. Nevertheless, they made a name for themselves and have a place in the history of Boston radio.

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Jerry Morgan is heard opening up this aircheck on the overnight show. He does mention the time as 2 am. Here’s what to listen for. Right at the beginning after the first Top Hour ID, you’ll hear Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” start off at the wrong speed. Listen for an ad for Bellknapp college and a rather ironic set of news headlines about the Watergate hearings. The news anchor for this mostly scoped out report is Peter Donnelly. If you were a fan of the WVBF “Electronic Mama” jingles, you’re in for a treat, as you’ll get to hear about half a dozen versions. And, remember, “At the world of tape, if they don’t have what you’re looking for, you will be awarded a free cookie!

Ron Robin is heard from about the middle of this scope until the end. Ron became very well-known in Boston media. After WVBF, he went on to launch the Disco format on 92.9 WBOS Brookline (a Boston Suburb) and started a television dance program called, “Stagedoor Disco” on WBZ-TV 4. Also on channel 4, he was the first host of “Evening Magazine” when it was just a local show called “PM Magazine”. He was also the national version host. Robin went on to host a talk show on WBZ 1030.