Charlie Harrigan, 750 KFQD Anchorage | June, 1985

Date of Recording: 06.xx.1985
Station: 750 KFQD Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Format: Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR)
Featured Air Personality: Charlie Harrigan
Contributor: Bob Gilmore


Recorded by contributor Bob Gilmore on one of those Sony SRF-80 (I believe) AMAX radios, this is a wideband mono aircheck of the morning show. Charlie Harrigan is filling in for the regular guy (Marcus in the Morning), so we don’t really know what the real morning show sounds like, but Harrigan doesn’t skip a beat. This is a contemporary hit station, but they play the 4 Seasons and what we hear is the Adult type songs you’d typically find on AM. The rest of the day may have been more uptempo.

The news guy has a gravely-sounding voice and reminds us of Terrance McKeever, sarcasm and all. KFQD is very full-service in this recording, and if there are any of you who remember this station, we invite you to comment below.