September 28, 2021

4 thoughts on “Chris Roberts, “Happy Days” Weekend; 1190 WOWO Ft. Wayne | June 26, 1977

  1. WOWO always sounded great when it played oldies. In the early ‘90s it featured an evening show that was called something like the “WOWO National Nighttime Oldies Party” where you could call in with requests. this is back when it was still 50kw at night and could be heard from Maine to Florida as well as throughout the Mid-West.

  2. I think the date is wrong. He mentioned that this show was running through Memorial Day (1:56).

  3. This was definitely recorded over the Memorial Day weekend 1977, as “Young Chris” did a normal midday shift on Saturdays. I just happened to be home on leave from the Army and rolled lots of tape that weekend to take back to Germany with me. Those tapes are long gone but the memories of that special weekend are still with me!

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