September 18, 2021

2 thoughts on “Chuck Wagner, 96.5 WTIC-FM Hartford | 1981

  1. This is from the spring or early summer of ’81. The Mike Joseph formatics ended in June of ’79 (Coinciding with the WAVZ/WKCI AM-FM flip 7/1/79), This was a phase when they were knows as “TIC-FM96” with a ton of gold. There was a short stretch in mid 1980 when a few of the MJ formulas returned, mostly the song-talk-jingle out sequence, but still with many gold titles. BTW, The phrase “Hot Hits” was never used on TIC and debuted in Syracuse of WFBL. Meanwhile, sometime around August of ’81, the very successful formula of “96 TIC-FM” began. I believe this was the beginning of the Garry Wall-Gary Craig-Jim Cutler-Ernie Anderson era which was the foundation of 35 years of success

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