“The Official World Chart Show”, 93.9 CKKL Ottawa, Ontario | May 3, 1997

93.9 Ottawa CKKL Kool Oldies

Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ont. (Natalia Pushchina/Shutterstock)
Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ont.

Its the Official World Chart Show! Interesting. I never heard this show. Perhaps it didn’t air in the United States (maybe it did, somebody out there knows). But this is Canada, a place where radio sounded better in some ways than in its southern neighbor… certainly different. Here’s something called ‘The Official World Chart Show’. It featured music from the various music charts in different countries – even RUSSIA!

The show’s host sounds suspiciously like Ryan Seacrest and featured a female co-host. They certainly made a great team! When we first posted this, some eight years ago, the station was known as 93.9 Bob-FM Bob-FM was one of those “Whatever” stations originally trademarked in Canada as “Jack-FM” As of THIS posting, CKKL broadcasts a Country Music format93.9 Ottawa CKKL New Country


  1. Darrel

    Yeah ,i remember the World Chart Show that aired on Kool FM 93 dot 9 back in the early to mid 90’s in my home town Ottawa.It was nice to hear some of that again,thanks for adding it….

  2. Kirsten

    This was appointment radio for me when I was 12 or 13. It played on Q94 in Winnipeg every Saturday morning, and there was a rebroadcast Sunday evening. I discovered so many great artists that didn’t get much North American air play. Not that I still agree with all of my 12-year-old self’s choice in music, but I sure loved it then! Artists like Espin Lind, Robyn, Meja, Westlife, Boyzone, Lighthouse Family, Robbie Williams… Man, I made the greatest mix tapes off that show!

    I was delighted a couple of years ago to discover one week’s box set of the show in a library discard bin, with the Q94 sticker on the cover, and notes for the operator inside. It’s a perfect memento from a radio program I used to love so much.

  3. Danny

    What was the music for Tommy Lafave’s let it roll sale ad?

    • Have you figured out the music for Tommy Lavave’s let it roll sale ad?

  4. Fine find, special thanks! I remember that show well – was to hear in Finland on Radio Alex 94.9 MHz in the late 1990`s.

  5. I would like to know also what are the second and the third songs/ performances, who performs which titled tunes? I tried to tag the first mentioned one`s lyrics to Google but no success at all… however…

  6. Juan

    Ryan Secreast wore shorts when The World Chart Show started, it is better to say Ryan sounds like The World Chart Show, hosted by Ace and Joe.

    The continuation of AT40 from all over the world when Shadoe Stevens left in 1995.

  7. Deden

    For the webmaster, do you have another recording of 90’s World Chart Show? I’d like you to share it if you have it.. I just miss that show.. The current World Chart Show with Lara Scott doesn’t impress me that much…

  8. No name

    As of this writing, 93.9 recently went Country to compete and take advantage of the weak Y101 signal in Ottawa.

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