“The Official World Chart Show”, 93.9 CKKL Ottawa, Ontario | May 3, 1997

93.9 Ottawa CKKL Kool Oldies

Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ont.

Its the Official World Chart Show! Interesting. I never heard this show. Perhaps it didn’t air in the United States (maybe it did, somebody out there knows). But this is Canada, a place where radio sounded better in some ways than in its southern neighbor… certainly different. Here’s something called ‘The Official World Chart Show’. It featured music from the various music charts in different countries – even RUSSIA!

The show’s host sounds suspiciously like Ryan Seacrest and featured a female co-host. They certainly made a great team! When we first posted this, some eight years ago, the station was known as 93.9 Bob-FM Bob-FM was one of those “Whatever” stations originally trademarked in Canada as “Jack-FM” As of THIS posting, CKKL broadcasts a Country Music format