John London, 101.3 KDWB Twin Cities | July 15, 1995

101.3 Minneapolis St Paul KDWB

Welcome to Airchexx, where we feature some of Radio’s Greatest Hits!  There are some in our audience who remember CHR in the 90s like it was yesterday!  Here’s one that will blow you away!!

We have a few other airchecks from this station, which started out as a legendary AM Top 40 in the 60s. Here’s an original recording from the year of deregulation – and KDWB is really a tight CHR station. The only thing that bothers your webmaster is that there are too many songs and elements in between jock breaks. John London sounds great, when we hear him.

You’ll hear a lot of 1996 commercials (check out some of the car prices!) and a moderate use of the KDWB jingles. Here’s 47 minutes of great radio listening for your enjoyment!

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